September 16, 2009

I think I'm "there" again... the 2WW that is. I got a + OPK last night & I'm happy to report lots of EWCM - I think that the green tea I have been drinking daily helped with that! This morning when I woke up my temp jumped up above where I believe my cover line will eventually be. So now I'm just waiting on FF to confirm what I think was my O date - yesterday. I'm excited because I know our timing was awesome & I O'd way earlier than last cycle when I O'd on CD 29 & had a 'effing 3 day LP. So I'm just hoping and praying the B6 I have been taking will help with my LP & it'll be up to or at least closer to a normal length! I am feeling optimistic about this cycle & I think it has to do with my new approach to TTC - a more laid back one. Hopefully this 2WW will go by quickly & I am even more hopeful it'll end in a BFP, woo hoo! That's all for now...nothing much going on, but I'll be sure to report back later on to let you know how my 2WW is going.

PS - many on the TTC message board I belong to were asking what about the green tea I was drinking, so here is the info:
  • I drink about 1 cup per day, the hot tea
  • I drink the decaf version (caffeine makes me loony/hyper) & also because caffeine is not necessarily good for you when TTC
  • I use a little honey and 1 packet of sweet & low
  • I haven't decided if I will continue to drink it during the 2WW or not, but I most likely will every few days or so



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