August 30, 2009

I'm Bummed...

Mr. Worry Bud & I have been out of town this weekend at his friend's wedding. Well yesterday (4 DPO) while sitting at the church I started getting very slight cramping & lower back pain - a little stronger than O cramping, but weaker than my normal (on BCPs) cramping. After the ceremony, I ran to the bathroom & much to my dismay I saw very light red spotting when I wiped. I tried to tell myself, "maybe it's just REALLY early implantation spotting," but nope - it got heavier by the time we were home so it's definitely AF. This means this cycle I had a 3 day LP - down from 7 last cycle. I am soooo sad about this I don't even know what to do. I'm trying to be patient as that was only my 2nd cycle off the pill - and it's probably just my body re-adjusting, but I am a constant worrier (as you know) & can't help but think there may be something more wrong. Mr. WB tried calming me down (I actually started tearing up yesterday outside the reception) & said it'll be fine, that I JUST got off the pill, so I hope he's right.

So, I guess it's on to cycle #3 unfortunately. This cycle I am adding in vitamin B6 as it is said to help lengthen LPs. I am hoping & praying that it works!! Please keep me in your T&P! If I get to cycle 4 & don't see any change in my LP (or a BFP!), I will be calling my Dr. to see if there is something more they can give me to help out.



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