August 30, 2009

Still on cloud 9

and praying & hoping I never come down! I just still can't believe we finally got our BFP! I'm already having some symptoms but that is really no big shock for me. I can't really take BCP's because the Progesterone makes me nauseous, moody and a million things in between. So it's no surprise that I already have some serious mood swings. I'm pretty good all day, great energy, good mood... until about 6:30 every night! Then I need some food & a nap and will bite someones head off if they get in the way! I have already started looking at baby furniture online, which Mr. Faith Bud thinks is CRAZY. Ha Ha. I am already pretty sure we will be having a boy. With little Faith Bud I had the same feeling from early on that she would be a girl and it worked then.... Maybe I'm on to something. Also according to the Chinese chart little Faith Bud was meant to be a girl & baby Faith Bud should be a boy.... I don't think I really believe that stuff but it's funny to look at! We make our first appointment tomorrow and they should be doing an ultrasound at that appointment, which should be at about 6 weeks. I can't wait!!! Here is a picture of the bib I got to tell DH... except I couldn't keep the secret & ended up telling him before he got home!



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