August 29, 2009

You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

I'm having a little bit of a hard time today. I feel like that Tracy Lawrence song, Find Out Who Your Friends Are has been the theme song in my head for about the last 3 weeks. For the first time I've really realized that our life has changed and will continue to change for a long time.

Before I get ahead of myself you are probably thinking "Um... DUH! You're having a baby!!"

Well, so far I've prepared
myself for making room for baby. I've never been a "health nut", but I'm starting to love finding new things that are healthy. To be honest, I used to drink... a lot, probably more than is healthy. I've quit, it was easy and I really feel fabulous about it. I've always worked out pretty regularly and while I've not been to the gym since my BFP due to the immense lack of energy, I plan on getting back on the treadmill when my energy comes back (please come back soon!). This list goes on...

What I wasn't prepared for is for our friends to start treating us differently.

Maybe it's in my head, or maybe it's the hormones that's making me think things that aren't really happening but either way, it makes me sad.

So, in my first post I talked about the girl, lets call her J, with the 18 month old. J's situation really kicked my baby bug feelings into gear and for the last year she's been my best friend. We literally talked or hung out every day but since my BFP, now 5 weeks ago tomorrow, I've seen her twice.

Granted she's working more, school is starting soon for her, and her boyfriend is back from working out of town but still... where did my bff go??? Is it really because we can't go to
our favorite restaurant and grab the best drinks EVER anymore? Are you just really busy like you say you have been? Or is it because you seem to have adopted our other friends girlfriend as your new drinking buddy and bff? Yes... I'm admittedly jealous that I've missed multiple invites to go out with these two because they say they didn't want me to be uncomfortable. Ok people I'm pregnant... this doesn't mean I've turned into a hermit!

This isn't the only friend we've experienced this from but for the sake of me rambling on, it's the one that's effecting me most.

The thoughts of what I'm going to miss out on over the next 7 months are trying to take over the thoughts of what I'm going to gain in the next 7 months. These are thoughts I need to squash! Because really in the end I'll have gained something much more special... on to the next theme song!


Daffodil Bud said...

Why is it that people seem to think of pregnant women as fragile and no longer fun?
We are pregnant not diseased. Hope your friends get their heads out of their rear-ends soon.


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