August 29, 2009

My mother is going to drive me crazy

Ladies (and any gentlemen who may read this), my mom is already starting to drive me up a wall. When I told her our big news this week I asked that she keep it quiet. She has told me that other than her co-workers she has only told one other person. She has told one of my aunts who doesn't keep in contact with the rest of the family. That is ok with me but I guess said aunt is into knitting and wants to know when we find out (if we find out) what the baby is so she can do something other than green and yellow. I said to mom oh just tell her to knit something rainbow, thinking that would be cool and then if we don't find out and have subsequent kids it would be useful for all.

Well I should have known, oh so now we know what you'll do the nursery in she says. Ummmm Mom I haven't started planning that far ahead as I am only 6 weeks on Sunday I really want to make sure things are going well before I start planning that much.

Mom works a half day on Monday and I thought cool I'll be in town why don't we get together and go out to dinner as we haven't spent much time together this summer with my crazy work schedules. So she has suggested I go to places like Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and start making a list of what we need and want nursery and baby wise, while I wait for her to be done with the doctors appointment she has right after work.

I love my mom I really really do but now I know that she is definitely where I get the plan plan plan gene from.
So now in addition to the anxiousness over my 1st OB appointment I have to wonder what my mother has planned for our baby already.



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