August 20, 2009

That Girl...

I never thought I’d be the girl who’d WANT to have a kid. You can tell by the way that my 1st sentence came out; had I been that girl, my opening sentence would have been something like: I always thought I’d be that woman that would someday want to start a family. Bleh… puke…

Ask my mom, growing up and far into my 20’s I couldn’t even stomach the idea. I was a self proclaimed baby hater. This might sound horrible but I dread other people’s kids and usually avoid them at all costs. I quit babysitting long before I got my driver’s license, I never would take a second glance at a baby bump let alone want to touch one to feel it move, and no thank you, I do NOT want to hold your newborn!

It helps that I got married before most of my friends so none of them are at the baby making stage yet, minus the few who got KU, not that there’s anything wrong with that… but that’s a whole other blog. Because we got married first however this also puts us first in line for the only question you hear after your wedding day: When are you going to have kids? Ugh.

I am Glow Bud, I am 28 years old and I describe myself as a reformed baby hater. Mr. Glow Bud and I started dating in 2001 and finally got married 3 years ago in July of 2006. We knew we’d get married from very early on however believe it or not we’d never really had a conversation about having kids. Our dogs on the other hand are our babies – we now have 4, yes 4!!! (Save this little piece of information as it may become very interesting at a later date!)

About a year ago a good friend of ours started dating a girl who had an 18 month old. Since then this girl has become one of my very favorite people, we take her daughter to the park and I even babysit for her in a pinch! Now I have to tell you that before this little girl came along the last 18 month old I have had in my presence let alone held or babysat was my cousin… who is now 17. Slow down we are entering the baby zone… are we finally, at the ripe old age of 28, growing up?

Skip ahead 6 months to April, where I come to the realization that I possibly have a small case of what they call “the baby bug”.

With our last “big woo rah” of a vacation to Mexico out of the way I finally bring up the “idea” to Mr. Glow Bud. A little less than pleased and admitted not completely ready to have kids he still agrees that I can go off my BCP to TTC later this year, later being November/December. No rush right?

So I quit my BCP and started popping the PNV’s. What possessed me that April would be a good month to stop taking them but not try till later in the year god only knows! After 10 solid years of trying to prevent getting KU you’d think I’d have a little more common sense than to think it wouldn’t happen right away.

Well, it happened pretty much right away… its August and ready or not here Baby comes! Already in the three and a half weeks since I saw the two double lines (3 times) and the digital flash pregnant (2 times) I find myself very excited. Mr. Glow Bud is too! Despite the fact that I’ve had heartburn for a 2 weeks straight, I can’t get enough sleep to save my life, and I’ve blown up at Mr. Glow Bud a handful of times, I think I’m doing pretty well. I’ve invested in What to Expect When You are Expecting and I’m already on Chapter 7. Am I becoming that girl? Stay tuned…



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