September 10, 2009

It all seemed so real!

The other night I had a dream that my last AF was actually just normal spotting & that I was actually KU! I was so excited...I kept POAS to make sure it was true. Then I woke up. What a bummer...what I wouldn't give to see this (click to make larger):

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I know our time will come soon enough & I have decided that its best for me to not obsess as much as I have been over baby making. Don't get me wrong, I want a baby SOOO BAD, but right now I'm not pregnant & I have a lot of other stuff to take up my time, so I am going to put a lot of the energy I was spending on thinking about having a baby right now on to that other stuff. I'm still definitely going to chart, BD on my fertile days & do every thing in my power to actively TTC, but it would be better for me if my every waking hour my mind wasn't on getting/being pregnant. Then being disappointed at the end of my cycle when AF arrives - it's making me slightly depressed. Of course, I still pray every day (a few times a day) that Mr. WB & I will be blesseed with a healthy, happy little one in my tummy soon & I will continue to pray every day that it happens for us very soon!

In other news, much like Chef Bud spoke about in her last post, I am a bit concerned about my progesterone levels since my LP the last 2 cycles were pretty darn short. I have done a bit of research & it is fairly common for women just getting off of BCPs to have short LPs & the problem is said to fix itself normally. Well, I don't want to wait to find out, so I am due for a physical with my primary care doctor this month and I am going to see about them checking my progesterone levels. I only hope that my doctors are as understanding & proactive as Chef Buds! I'm now on CD 12 I believe & still waiting to O - hopefully the B6 I'm taking will lengthen my LP a bit longer or my body has begun to regulate on its own after the devil BCPs....or you know, I get a BFP! Anywho, here's hoping my new outlook helps the time pass quickly & I get my BFP soon!


Domestic Princess said...

I'm the same way. MH isn't ready to start TTC yet but all I think about is babies. So this week, I've tried to throw myself into work and getting my fall decorating in order.

I hope you get your BFP soon, so you can post a picture of YOUR digital =)

Jen J. said...
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Worry Bud said...

LOL..I started posting a comment from my other acct. I was going to say thanks - I hope I do too! You are still TTA for now right? Anywho - I'll def keep an eye out on your blog for your fall decor!


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