September 9, 2009

Lucky 7!

My doctor appointment last week went very well! I feel so fortunate to have a doctor who listens to my concerns, and is proactive with treatment. I hear so many women say their doctor won’t even talk about issues they are having TTC until they’ve been trying for a year or more. We know our bodies, and if we’re telling you something just isn’t right, why not take the proactive approach and check everything out? I’m sure so many people keep trying month after month, waiting to reach that magic one year mark and only then do they find out they have a problem that could have been very easily corrected. Or even if it isn’t an easy fix, at least they could have begun seeking further treatment earlier instead of suffering though the heartbreak of not getting pregnant month after month.

At my appointment I told my doctor that my first month of clomid didn’t change anything as far as my cycle goes…still bleeding very early (7 DPO) with only a 10 day LP. I let him know that I wasn’t feeling comfortable just taking the clomid without being monitored (with an ultrasound) to know that it was actually working. I also expressed that I wanted to know my progesterone level since we hadn’t done that as part of the blood work. I was so proud of myself for being assertive and speaking up for what I wanted. And you know what, it worked! He agreed with everything I said…he gave me a recommendation for a reproductive endocrinologist and he tested my progesterone that day (12.4, which I think may be a little low but I’ll know exactly what they think when I talk to the specialist). So now I have an appointment on Monday with the RE to get their opinion about my early bleeding and short LP. I am going to start clomid again today, this time at 100 mg, and then will talk to the RE about how they monitor the progress. Now that I have a plan in place to talk to a doctor that specializes in getting people pregnant, I am calm and confident that cycle 7 will be my lucky cycle!

In my non-TTC life (does that even exist?!!) Mr. CB and I went to Tallahassee this weekend for the Florida State Seminoles home opener (the pic is us tailgating before the game). Even though we had a heartbreaking loss, it was a GREAT game and I am so excited for football season. We’re going back in three weeks for what I hope is another great game, but this time a ‘Nole win!


Flora Bud said...

I completely understand what you mean, Why do they want you to wait a whole year when you already know something is not right. I'm so glad that you were able to get the ball rolling and that you are going to meet with an RE.


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