September 9, 2009

AF has decided to visit on Labor Day weekend

but that is absolutely fine with me!!! I have never been so happy to see her butt.

So now I am in full throttle mode with chartting and checking my CM. Since FF did not pinpoint my O date last month I bought opk's for this month to make sure we do not miss the day. Meanwhile I have 9/20-9/22 Highlighted in all of our calenders to make sure I do not forget (as if I'm going to forget this LOL).

What really stinks is Mr. Bud is going out of town 9/15-9/18 and I really hope that I do not ovulate on any of those days :( . I was calculating if I continue to ovulate as I have in the pass on the 16Th day after my AF we should be fine, Right? However this month my period was a lot shorter than my other periods so I'm hoping this does not shorten my ovulation date from 16 days after af to 14-15 days.

Here is my chart on FF and its showing Monday 9/21...

Ugh... I guess I will be POAS a lot this month until I see a little happy face which means its action time!! :)

I will leave you with a great calender picture, isn't he a hottie??
Only in diapers and all, to cute!!




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