September 16, 2009

Happy to See AF

Yay! Yipee! Hooray!

Well, my period showed up bright and early this morning. I was worried about my body over nothing. Silly me!

Now, we move on to Cycle 2 of TTA, that means one more cycle until TTC.

So, what have I learned this cycle? You may be asking.
1. Don't read into FF too much, it can not tell me what is going on, only my body can.
2. Everyones body is different.
3. Don't ask too many questions, you annoy people.
4. An old friend, is truly a dear friend for listening to me whine about my body and cycle (thanks, Steph!)

I am going to have a beer tonight and a latte this morning, because I can.

Thanks everyone for looking at my chart and being patient with me. I promise I won't be so annoying this cycle.

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