September 16, 2009

MIA? RIP? too many abbreviations for me

So why have I been MIA? Well, we had to take an emergency trip because Mr. BrainyBud's only grandfather was dying and we hopped in the car to see him before he passed.
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Mr. BrainyBud is pretty torn up still but not full of emotion quite yet. On the way home, he asked if I would be open to discussing changing our son's name to reflect his grandfather. Of course, I am open to it. We decided to wait until we've conceived and find out the gender before bringing it up again. We've had our daughter and son's names picked out for YEARS so changing one now, just seems strange.

So, do you have your (definite) names picked out?

Do they reflect family names?

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Mrs. Brainy Bud


Sugar Bud said...

Oh yeah, we have all of our names picked. Our first boy will be Jerry Michael (Jerry- my late father and Michael is father who is still alive).
I always said I would name my first boy after my dad, he was such a wonderful man and I want my son to be just like him.

Flora Bud said...

I am so sorry for your loss. My DH always says that he wants our boy to be named after him and his father, but I really do not like the fact that all three of them have the same name... It gets confusing when you are trying to call one and all 3 of them respond. we will see from here til then

Dandelion Bud said...

so sorry for your loss.
Our first children will be named for my grandparents, who I was very close to.

I honestly don't understand why it would seem strange that your DH would want to honor his grandfather by naming a child after him, especially in the face of his loss.

Brainy Bud said...

Oh, I don't mind if we change the name. That doesn't bother me at all. Sorry if it came across that way. It just seems weird to change my way of thinking after calling my son so-and-so for 6-8 years and now getting use to the idea of calling him something else is strange. :)

Thanks for the comments, I'll let Mr.BrainyBud know your thinking of him.

Worry Bud said...

We do - we have a boy & girl's name picked out. The boy's middle name would be the same as MH's bro's 1st name who passed away when they were young. We are doing that to honor his memory.


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