September 14, 2009

Well Hello There

Morning Sickness... how nice of you to hit me like a ton of bricks! I just have one question..... why if it's called morning sickness am I puking my guts out at night??? I must say though I'm so glad she showed today! I have been having some minor cramping and got scared today. I called the dr and they told me to not worry about it unless I started bleeding... Not all that reassuring but really nothing they can do at this point I suppose. Well lucky for me a few hours later I had to make the mad dash to the bathroom where I spent a good long while praying to the porcelain gods. Tomorrow marks our journey into the 6th week. Our first m/c was at 6w3d so I'm waiting to get into the 7th week and then our u/s the next week to really relax. So here's to praying that the m/s sticks around!!! Mr Faith Bud and I are still at opposite ends of finding out what the baby will be. I have a feeling it's a boy but I want to know. I hate suprises!!! My FB would like to know at delivery he thinks..... I'm hoping we can come to an agreement, preferably what I want! lol. So far we have also not come to agree on any boy names. Everything I like Mr Faith Bud HATES!!!! I love Gavin which he is not totally against but not in love with yet either.



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