January 14, 2010

Hello 2nd tri :) So glad to meet you....

I can honestly say that I never thought I'd actually get to write those words or say that out loud. It's a pretty amazing feeling every time it feels like we're one step closer to bringing our baby home. Even more amazing is the sound of Baby LB's hb which somehow manages to make everything in the world better. We received our home doppler yesterday from BabyBeat.com and after some trouble we finally got to hear Baby LB's heartbeat @ home.

Mr. LB and I laughed at how much trouble we had yet the OB seemed to put no effort in to it when we had our 12 week appt. last week. He took out the doppler put it on my stomach and 1 second later there it was. The best sound in the world! The appointment went well. I had some b/w done that they had never done, an AB screen and went on my way. My next appointment is on 2.3 to get some followup b/w from my NT Scan at the perinatologist, 2.4 is my 16 week appt. with the OB and then the last appt. in Feb is the 17th when we got in for our anatomy scan and hopefully find out if we're on team firetrucks or Barbies!

I was telling Mr. LB in the car the that day that I'm still in a state of disbelief. There was a point in the whole process where I felt like I'd never become a mom. I know that seems dramatic and I know that there are women who struggle with IF of a much more severe degree than I did and that have been trying for so much longer.....but this was my experience. This is what I had to live. I always reminded myself that there were women who had it worse. Those women have always and will always be in my prayers, because for that short time I felt what they've been feeling for so long and that sadly some may continue to feel for a long time to come.

That feeling, I've noticed, it stays with you. Going through IF seriously becomes a part of you always. As I get further in to this pregnancy the poem I posted a while ago makes more and more sense. All of my thoughts and prayers this week go out to all the women who are struggling to become mothers and to those who were mommies for a short time and their angels were taken from them far too soon. It's those women who helped me get to where I am today and I will NEVER forget that.


Anonymous said...

Great post LB! Can't wait to hear if it's Team Firetrucks or Barbies! Happy 2nd Tri!

Blessed Bud said...

Wow time is flying by LB! Looking forward to finding out what team you are on ;)

Worry Bud said...

Great post LB - I can't believe your int he 2nd tri already!!


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