January 14, 2010

Tentative Work Schedule

It's been a busy week in the GB household!!! I feel like I have so much to share this week... or maybe I'm just an AW lately! :)

First of all, I finally had the much anticipated meeting with my boss this morning - I'm not sure why I was so worried (just goes to show that people "tone" can be misconstrued very easily through an e-mail or text)... it went perfectly and we worked out a schedule that **fingers crossed** will work for us.

The company I work for doesn't offer a paid maternity leave but through FMLA they are required to let me have up to 12 weeks off before filling my position - during which time I can use my accrued sick time/vacation time. So what's Mrs GB going to do? She's going to take full advantage of 12 weeks off with Baby GB!!! Even though I don't technically have that much paid time off our HR department said I can spread out the time I do have so I'm at least getting paid. So during my leave I'll only be getting paid 20-30 hours a week but I figure that I'm not going to be doing much as far as anything that will cost money anyway so we should be ok.

After my leave my boss agreed to let me come back at 30 hours per week and we have a tentatively set schedule. Mondays & Friday's I'll be putting in full 8 hour days because those days tend to be our busier days. That leaves 14 hours to be split between Tues, Wed, & Thurs as needed and as it works best for us. It's hard to have a schedule laid out exactly because my job really depends on work flow.

WAHOOO!!!! One less thing I have to worry about for the moment!

Tomorrow at 8am I go in for the 3-hour Glucose testing (that I'm REALLY excited about?!) and then Sunday is my shower... STAY TUNED!!! :)



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