December 14, 2009

Blood Work and U/S... Check!

AF showed up right on schedule, Wednesday 28 days after the m/c started. So I called to start scheduling my appointments.

Here is a recap of our plan found in this Post:
  1. I need to fast and then draw blood for RPL (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss...)
  2. Mr. Bud Draws blood (genetic testing)
  3. Wait for AF ( I have never been so anxious for her little butt to show up)
  4. Day 2-3 after AF - Hormone u/s (Pelvic u/s)
  5. After AF & Before Ovulation - HSG (X-Ray to evaluate the Uterine cavity, cervical canal, and tubal patency).
  6. Ovulation - use OPK and once + call doctors to schedule:
  • Progesterone blood Test (To determine P4 blood level after ovulation) 7-10 days after + opk
  • Endometrial Biopsy (A small piece of the tissue lining of the uterus is removed for evaluation) 11-13 days after +opk

Friday I had my first appointment which was my 2-3 days after AF showed to have my Pelvic u/s. The tech told me everything looked great, and had blood drawn.

Saturday Morning Mr. Bud and I went to have our blood work drawn for all types of genetic, chromosomes and other testings. I had to fast since 12 midnight and was kind of nervous on how much blood they were going to take out. Everywhere I read its says up to 30 vials of blood... Holy cr@p!!!

Here is a pic of all the stickers for each Vial...
a total of 17 (the Internet is a scary place).

The phlebotomist made a comment that made me wonder is this what is causing my m/c's. She first asked me if I am trying or am planning on getting pregnant, then I told her that we are starting to test because of multiple losses. After I was done she told me that my blood is very thin/watery, and hopefully I should have some answers. What does that mean?!?!? She really did not want to get into detail but that made my head spin... Off to the wonderful world of Google.

My Next step is once AF finishes schedule the HSG, most likely sometime next week.


Jen J. said...

GL Flora - the HSG is really not too bad, so just try & be calm & I bet it will be alright!

Blessed Bud said...

GL with the RPL Flora Bud. I had RPL testing and my RE found out I had a particular Antiphospholipid Antibody. Now I am getting the proper treatment for it and hope it will help the next time I get PG. Hopefully they will find some answers.

Flora Bud said...

thank you so much!

Blessed Bud - How long did it take for you to have your results of the blood work?

Love Bud said...

Lol I had a long list of stickers like that when they did my testing too. The were testing all the PCOS stuff and a crap load of other things.

Did you do the test at the office? Or at another lab?


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