November 23, 2009

A Plan in a bag

Is what I told the nurse when I walked out of my appointment this morning with my welcome kit and all my information after meeting with the RE.

The apt went great, the doctor is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and explained anything and everything and assured me that even after having multiple m/c 's we can have a healthy full term pregnancy.

The doctor did my exam and noticed that I was still spotting so she wanted to run my beta levels again to make sure that they were at 0 before any other blood work.

After leaving the appointment for the first time after this m/c I started to see things different and am anxious to start testing. At first I was kind of scared and just wanted to stop trying, but that is not going to solve whatever problem we might have. I hope we have some answers and are able to start trying in the New year.

So Here is our plan... Hopefully I can keep track
  1. I need to fast and then draw blood for RPL (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss... I have heard that they take around 32 vials of blood.. Holy Moly!!)
  2. Mr. Bud Draws blood (genetic testing)
  3. Wait for AF ( I have never been so anxious for her little butt to show up)
  4. Day 2-3 after AF - Hormone u/s (Pelvic u/s)
  5. After AF & Before Ovulation - HSG (X-Ray to evaluate the Uterine cavity, cervical canal, and tubal patency).
  6. Ovulation - use OPK and once + call doctors to schedule:
  • Progesterone blood Test (To determine P4 blood level after ovulation) 7-10 days after + opk
  • Endometrial Biopsy (A small piece of the tissue lining of the uterus is removed for evaluation) 11-13 days after +opk
This afternoon I should have the beta results, then I will schedule the blood work and just wait until AF to show up.



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