December 13, 2009

IUI #1 and Antiphospholipid Antibodies Oh My...

All went well at our 1st IUI yesterday. It was not painful at all. Dr. B told me I had to listen to 4 songs on the Muzak before I could get up out of the stirrups lol.

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My last blood test came in and Dr. B discovered that I have an Antiphospholipid Antibody. Specifically I have antibodies against ANNEXIN V (prevents blood clots in the placenta). Dr. B explained that Phospholipid molecules are normal components of all cell membranes. Some also have glue like properties and allow cells to fuse. Antibodies to phospholipid molecules can, therefore, cause problems. Specifically, they can damage the inside of the blood vessel wall. This allows blood cells to stick to the site of the injury and cause blood clots.This most likely explains why I am getting pregnant put not holding the baby. Nevertheless I start baby aspirin and prednisone tomorrow and take throughout the 2ww.

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On a super happy note Mr. Blessed Bud's post wash count was 50 million and Dr. B said his motility was excellent. GL to everyone else in the 2WW.

Beta is in 2 weeks...

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