December 13, 2009

RE isn't throwing in the towel. Yet.

The bottom line is I'm not responding like he thought i would. There's one reason for that. Despite my stellar blood work, we now know that I have diminished ovarian reserve, at the ripe old age of 34.

I've been crying since we left Dr Z's office.

Today's update:
My estrogen went up yesterday. Thankfully. From 52 to 80. Still nowhere near where he wants it to be. However, there are positive signs. My lining is increased to 9mm and it's trilaminar now (the three layers). That is estrogen driven. So, hopefully, my estrogen today is WELL on it's way to where it needs to be.

On my left ovary, i have 4 measuring follicles: 13x12, 13x12, 14x11, and 10x11.
On the right ovary, i have 5 measuring follicles: 11x11, 8x8, 11x8, 10x8, and 10x6.

The others have stopped growing. I am on stims day 9. He said he's not likely to increase my meds at this point, because more might have adverse effects. I'm currently on Gonal-F 300 units (divided) and Menopur 2 vials. Last night I felt some cramping, and i'm definitely bloated. I am SO hoping that my estrogen is up this morning. I'm anxiously waiting for that phone call. (Since i'm crazy and asked him to call even if they aren't changing my doses... i need to know my E2).

He said the estrogen needs to be 500 to trigger and he would like to see at least 2 follicles measuring 18mm.

Perfect bloodwork. Diminshed Ovarian Reserve.

Dr Z said that he isn't worried, and there's still a good chance. Mr. DB agrees 100% with Dr Z.

The hormonally induced blubbering mess that is me is just trying to get through this day. Come on ovaries. You're only 34 years old. I've never asked anything of you in my life. PLEASE. Start responding to the meds.

Please pray for us.


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