December 12, 2009

IUI Today ...Say What?

So I had my first u/s follie check with Dr. B yesterday afternoon and I have one follie at 19.9 after 6 days of stimming on a femara/follistim combo . I was kind of bummed because last cycle I had 3 follies but I am calm an relaxed. I took one last shot of follistim last night, and he ordered me ovidrel and baby aspirin that the pharmacy deilvered at 12:00 am this morning. Mr. Blessed Bud gives his sample at 10:15 am and my 1st IUI is is at 11:15 am. I did not think I would be ready for my IUI until next Wednesday or Thursday. I am praying that all goes well today...

So Until Next Time, Have a Happy Saturday

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