December 14, 2009

Finally getting somewhere!

Alright. So I had a mini-meltdown yesterday.

I don't know if it's because everyone and their mom seems to be pregnant around me, or if I keep getting the "So, are you pregnant yet?" questions, or if it's simply for the fact that I have baby rabies.

I finally cracked to Mr. Snow Bud, and told him that we are taking all the right steps financially, we are doing great, much better than we expected. We are saving, we are financially stable, we are OKAY. We talk about getting pregnant daily, babies are a daily passing conversation. I'm ready. I've been ready. Nothing has changed for me, I want a baby.

Of course, I said this all through tears and was a big sniffling mess. I received the hugs, and he even tried to cheer me up by offering to go get chinese food and watch girl movies all night. He didn't say much otherwise.

.... Until this morning. He said that he stayed up last night thinking about what I had said, and this morning thought about it, and decided that he may be able to get on board with a St. Patrick's day continuation of TTC date. He said that at that point, we will be able to see if we are still in fact on track, doing well, and gives us both a date to look forward to.


Let's hope this isn't how our St. Patty's goes this year...

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Until next time,



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