September 4, 2009

Speaking of planning...

Sugar Buds recent post about planning made me laugh as I've been thinking about how while I'm only 10 1/2 weeks, I haven't really planned a thing! Thanks for the segway Sugar! :-)

Normally I feel just like Sugar Bud - I'm a planner and usually have things planned out WAY too far in advance! I too planned my wedding in a few short months when I had a year an a half. I plan vacations day by day, I always have directions even if it's just to someplace across town and we must always have reservations! I plan weekend BBQ's weeks in advance and get a irritated when our friends "will let us know" if they'll be able to make it. People, how am I supposed to PLAN how much food and booze to buy if you don't know if you'll make it until the day before - yes or no!
Ok maybe I'm not that bad but I like to have a direction, an idea, something...

Thus far:
  • I have a 1/2 empty spare bedroom.

  • It's painted a medium grey color that I originally thought would work but now I'm hating. I have yet to express the paint color concern to Mr. GB because I swore up and down I wouldn't repaint.

  • I DO have the previously mentioned hand me down crib set up although I haven't made any effort to locate the missing part.

  • Mr. GB and I have had approximately 10 conversations regarding names - none of which were successful.

  • I'm breastfeeding - with no promise of how long this will last.
So in 10 1/2 weeks that's what I got... a whole lot of nothing! After my next doctor's appointment next Wednesday and we are safely out of the 1st trimester I'm going to kick things into gear. I know it's crazy but I think there's just still a small part of me that can't believe this is really happening. Will it ever seem real?

Anyway, here's what fruit compares Baby GB to this week:

Baby's now the size of a prune!
With bones and cartilage starting to form and vital organs beginning to function, baby is making major progress. Body length will almost double in the next three weeks, and arm joints are now working. (Soon, legs will start working too.)



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