August 31, 2009

Things I've learned while being KU - 1st Tri Addition

Well I'm officially 10 weeks pregnant today. While 10 weeks isn't that long compared to 40, I've already learned my fair share of lessons! So here goes - 1st Trimester Addition of What Mr & Mrs Glow Bud have learned while being KTFU!

  • 10 weeks - Double digits baby! I don't know why one more digit has more meaning but it does and it feels AWESOME!
  • Don't try to set up a hand me down crib with no instructions by yourself. My grandmother gave us this gorgeous crib and I know it's REALLY early to be setting it up but my BFF is coming to visit for four days with her newborn next week and I thought it would be nice for her. It took me an hour searching for the instructions online and 3 hours to put it together to the best of my ability - the finished product is missing a semi-important (ok crucial) part. Hopefully I can find it online?!
  • Do not drive 400 miles across the state without a bag full of snacks... enough said.
  • Always know where the bathrooms are located - whether it's puking or peeing, sometimes you just need to go NOW! Just in case The Bathroom Diaries can help!
  • Telling your dad that you are pregnant is probably the first time in your life that you have declared to him that you are no longer a virgin... I'm 28 years old and this was still uncomfortable and I think Mr. GB got a little side eye action from pops.
  • Wear earplugs when you tell your mom and mother in law.
  • Mr. GB fast learned to not take it personal when I'd rather be asleep than sleeping with him - The last 10 weeks must have been the longest drought of almost 9 years together! I'm tired and just not in the mood?! Hopefully this will pick up soon!
  • After you announce your pregnancy to your girlfriends you will never again have a conversation that doesn't include questions about the baby and the one's who've already had a baby will recount every detail of their pregnancy.
  • My Saturday nights have changed but I still have a hangover on Sunday morning.
So far that's the best of the worst! At the least it's been an entertaining 10 weeks - I'm still having a pretty easy 1st trimester so I'm just trying to be patient until my next appointment at 11 1/2 weeks... oh... that's another thing I've learned - this game is all about waiting.


Anonymous said...

I love your synopsis of the last 10 weeks. I hope it gets better for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Hasn't been too tough (knocking on wood!) - just trying to keep it entertaining!


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