September 1, 2009

The waiting game is hard

So now that we aren't waiting to try to have a baby and we are pregnant I think the waiting game is getting twice as hard.

1st was the 2 week wait to go to the first OB appointment. I was so nervous and excited about that appointment all in one bundle. My 1st appointment yesterday was a nurse asking me tons of questions, giving me tons of info, a TB test and drinking some nasty liquid for my 1st glucose tolerance test(GTT). I am prediabetic so I get to do the GTT now and as long as I passed now I still get to do it when normal pregnant women do, Yippee more straight sugar liquid. After I got to wait an hour to have blood drawn they had to take 8 vials from me for all the blood work. The vampires were hungry is what my grandfather told me.

So now the next wait is getting to actually see the doctor and have a physical where they will hopefully be able to hear the heartbeat on Doppler. That appointment is basically 3 1/2 weeks from now.

Then the worst wait of all is unless there are any complications I won't get an ultrasound until 18-20 weeks. I really want to see our little bud but I want the pregnancy to be a trouble free as possible as well so I will just (im)patiently wait to see the baby.


Courtney said...

We only get one ultrasound too, so I understand the frustration with waiting! Hang in there...


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