September 4, 2009

Some call me a planner.

Man, I love to plan and I love to plan way ahead! My entire wedding was planned in about a month and I had 9 months to plan it. I can tell you what I am doing on the weekend usually by Sunday of the weekend before. It is kind of an obsession, really.

So, since this TTA stuff is so dull, I thought I would share my already planned out stuff for our future baby.

First girl - Allysen Victoria (Mr. SB's fave girl name and my fave girl name)
First boy - Jerry Michael (our fathers' names)
Second girl - Margo Ellise (just because it's pretty and unique)
Second boy- Hudson Andrews (Mr. SB's mother's maiden name and my best friend's maiden name)

Nursery decor:
We are painting the room a green color (Valspar Bamboo Shade).
Girl - pink accents with elephants
Boy - brown accents with elephants
I LOVE elephants, so either way, our first will also love elephants like Mommy does J

Other things we want to do:
We are going to use cloth diapers.
We are going to have swim lessons immediately.
We are not going to breastfeed.
We are going to make the baby food ourselves.

What about you guys? Do you do this, too?


Brainy Bud said...

Oh, yes. I have a book full of the stuff to buy/register for. Names all picked out and everything.

Stef said...

I am such a planner too! lol, I had our wedding planned out in a month, and had 2 1/2 years. lol. It's like I always say, I plan to plan things. :) I'm glad you are so organized, and I love the elephants idea! :)

Dandelion Bud said...

I'm not judging, but i'm curious... you seem very natural. Cloth, swimming, homemade baby food... why not breastfeeding?

Daisy Bud said...

Making your own babyfood is great. It saved us so much money and was so easy!

Sugar Bud said...


Don't worry, I don't think your judging. I knew someone would ask.

I'm not goin to go into all the personal, embarrasing reasons, but I will say that my breast are not made like your breasts. I do have implants but that really doesn't have much to do with it. It's more the reason that I got the implants.

I may try, but seeing as how only of them is even going to possibly produce moilk, I probably won't.

Thanks for asking though.


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