September 4, 2009

Waiting to O...

I have heard that a lot of the TTC process is all about waiting...and it's no joke - you are ALWAYS waiting on something, it sucks. I have been up & down a lot since the end of last cycle - my very very short LP last cycle is pretty depressing, but I am really banking a lot on the fact that it was only my 2nd cycle since being off BCPs. I added B6 to my PNVs to help with my LP length, so hopefully that does something to help. I am going to schedule my annual physical with my PCP (primary care physician) this month and see if they can test my progesterone levels - I am going to explain to them my concerns and see what they have to say about my TTC. So, here I am on cycle 3 & on CD 7 waiting to O - hoping it's earlier than the last 2 cycles, even if only a few days earlier, and praying that this is our cycle...the wait is a killer. I am hoping to just get through this cycle and see how it goes with minimal stress. Wish me luck!



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