September 4, 2009

Just feeling Blah

So we are creeping up on week 7 of this pregnancy and I just can't shake the tiredness and the queasiness. If I could take a nap whenever I wanted to I would so be there.
So far other than being tired I have felt pretty good. I had to go back to the OB's office this week to have my TB test read and it was negative (yippee!!). Although the trip to the OB's office at that time of day was very interesting, just the difference of the people that are there in the afternoon compared to early in the morning when I usually go.
I am "out" to most of the family because if I hadn't started making the phone calls Monday after my 1st appointment my mother would have exploded. I am a little bit nervous about that but I am dealing and if something does go wrong we do have a nice big support group so I feel a bit better there.
I guess things with me are just status quo for now. :)



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