September 4, 2009

Morning Sickness

This pass week I was in the ER because I could not stop throwing up, diarrhea and felt as if my stomach was being compressed all together. Turns out I had food poisoning and my stomach was swollen because I did not digest my food properly.
After a whole evening of throwing up I thought to myself how can these pregnant woman do this for the whole first trimester of their pregnancy and unfortunately some women are not so lucky that m/s sticks around pass the first trimester. Ladies... I have a whole new perspective of m/s and have to give you tons of credit!!

So this had me thinking, is there anything that I can do to try my very best to try to prevent or even reduce morning sickness once we get KU again? So my search began on...

M/S is the nauseated feeling you get during pregnancy. It can be, but is not always, accompanied with vomiting. The nausea is often a result of the increased hormones in your body. Many doctors think m/s is a good sign because it means the placenta is developing well.

Here are a few do's and don'ts you can try to help alleviate your symptoms

  • Eat small meals throughout the day so that you're never too full or too hungry
  • Drink fluids 1/2 hour before or after a meal, but not with meals
  • Drink small amounts of fluids during the day to avoid dehydration
  • Eat soda crackers 15 minutes before getting up in the morning
  • Ask someone else to cook for you and open the windows or turn on fans if the odor bothers you (haha this is a great one ladies!!!!)
  • Get plenty of rest and nap during the day
  • Sniff lemons or ginger, drink lemonade, or eat watermelon to relieve nausea
  • Eat bland foods when you feel nauseous (such as saltine crackers, gelatin desserts such as Jell-O, popsicles, chicken broths, ginger ale and pretzels
  • Exercise


  • Do not lie down after eating
  • Do not skip meals

If you know of any tips please let me know!!!

P.S. There's some evidence that taking a multivitamin and PNV at the time of conception and in early pregnancy helps prevent severe morning sickness.



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