August 24, 2009

I believe it's go time!!

So this morning after I temped, I noticed a temp drop & decided to take the advice of one of my girls on The Nest & try an OPK with FMU...well it was negative. But it was darker than the previous days (I started doing the OPK tests at CD 15, which is when I first noted fertile CM). Later today, while sitting at my desk at work, I started getting slight cramping (not as bad as AF, but definitely noticeable) & a lower back ache - seemed like AF was on her way & if you read my intro post, then you know even that would have been GREAT news. But I kept checking & checking all day & no AF - hmm. So I decided to hold my pee from after lunch until I got home (nearly 5 hours - which is A LOT for me since I have a 1.5 hour commute & drink a lot of water throughout the day) & try another OPK then...imagine my surprise when I saw this:

*top one is the OPK from this AM with FMU, bottom is this evening's :o)*

Woo hoo - so I jumped Mr. Worry Bud's bones & no go - yep guys, he wasn't "in the mood"...I think he was partially distracted b/c I interrupted him in the middle of a PS3 Game. Sidenote: I finally let him get a PS3 this past weekend & he's EXTRA excited - he's been playing it all weekend. But we tried again a few hours later & bom chicka wow wow...we DTD & finished, woot woot!! I am gonna do OPKs again tomorrow morning with FMU and after I get home from work again to see if the surge is still going on. I told Mr. WB that we need to BD every day now until FF confirms my O date & he said that was all good. He wants a baby just as bad as I do! In light of today's events I have edited my chart to show the 1st day of the spotting I described in my first post as "light" vs just spotting, which means my first cycle off BCPs was 27 days with a 7 day LP :o/. I will change it back if I feel like it was, in fact spotting, but for now I think it was just a REALLY REALLY light AF (my 1st natural one off BCPs) & that I O'd on CD 20 last cycle. This cycle's O date - TBD, if not today then very soon hopefully!

Anywho, I'm hoping my temp shoots up & stays up in the next day or so & then I'll officially be in the 2ww for the 2nd time. Waiting to see if my LP lengthens this cycle & if not I'll be starting B6 supplements in addition to my PNVs next cycle. Hopefully my body cooperates this time & I either get a BFP or at the very least a longer LP...only time will tell!



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