August 24, 2009

Hopeful for a baby and intro

Soon after Mr. Hopeful Bud and I met, we knew we would share a lifetime together, we also knew that as soon as we got married we would try to conceive Little Hopeful Bud. For the first four months of our marriage, I only had two periods (one the week after our wedding, the next one 60+ days later). Luckily, I had an annual exam shortly after that second AF left. During that appointment I explained to the doctor our hopes of having a baby soon, so he started me on Clomid to regulate my cycle. My 1st cycle on 50 mg Clomid was 34 day long, the 2nd was 31 days long. I wasn’t charting yet, and my doctor wasn’t convinced that I had ovulated so he increased my dosage to 100mg of Clomid. My next two cycles were 32 and 29 days long respectively, and since I was taking my BBT every morning, I knew I had ovulated.

So with four cycles of Clomid under my belt and no Little Hopeful Bud in my belly, I'm really beginning to be resentful for those hot flashes. Let me tell you about the hot flashes, on 50mg the hot flashes just occurred during the night. But my last two cycles of 100mg was no holds bar. The hot flashes came whenever they wanted to. While putting my make up in the morning **BAM**, to sitting at my desk in the afternoon **BAM**, and they even made numerous appearances while I was laying still watching TV in the evening **BAM**. They were not discriminatory to the time, thank goodness for fans!Some other fun side effects of Clomid that I’ve experienced include terrible headaches the week of ovulation, and in-grown hairs. Weird, I know.
Now we are in Cycle #7, 3rd charting cycle. I had an appointment with my doc a couple weeks ago to discuss next steps. I was really hoping she would just give me Clomid again because this month I have the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor to help me with timing. However, she said to wait out this cycle and if no BFP then I will get a HSG at a radiologist. So here’s to hoping Mother Nature did what she is supposed to do all by her self without any Clomid.
This cycle we also used the PreSeed I ordered on Amazon, I wanted something to give Mr. Hopeful Bud’s little guys every fighting chance to find the egg. I’m also trying to convince Mr. Hopeful Bud to go get a Sperm Analysis so that we can at least check that off the list of possible obstacles.
So we are just patiently waiting and praying until God decides that it’s our time to become parents. I trust his timing, he will bless us with a child when he knows we are ready, just like he took his sweet time is bringing Mr. Hopeful Bud and myself together. We had to wait 31 years and 29 years until we were completely ready to be able to whole-heartily love one another. Mr. Hopeful Bud was well worth the wait and I know Little Hopeful Bud will be the same.


Dandelion Bud said...

I'm actually really shocked that a doctor would just prescribe clomid before any testing and without any monitoring. At the very least, an HSG and SA before... if there's a sperm issue or blocked tubes, all the clomid in the world can't help.

I don't blame you for being resentful of the side effects.

Are you seeing your OBGyn or a Reproductive Endocrinologist?

Hopeful Bud said...

Right now just an OBGyn, but if AF shows up this cycle then I will go to a Radiologist for an HSG and my husband will be visiting a urologist for a SA. I've been a bit disappointed in the care i have been receiving at my doctors office, so I think I will be switching, I just don't know when the best time is.

Dandelion Bud said...

Honestly, I think the time is now. Once you get the results, I would get copies and take them
with you.

Not being monitored while on clomid can be scary... How many follicles are developing? How big are they? Some girls even have had cycles cancelled because of the numbers.

Going to an RE doesn't mean you have a problem... But you'll be in the best possible diagnostic hands there is.

I wish you luck.


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