August 21, 2009

Hi from Worry Bud!

Hi everyone! Worry Bud here - I am the founder and co-admin of Bloomin' Babies & I am sooo happy we are finally able to bring our stories to all the readers that happen across our blog! As I mentioned in my welcome, it is my hope that each of the Buds' stories touches someone reading this. If you are TTC, I am willing to bet $$ that you will relate to at least one of the Bud's story in some way.

I am very much a beginner in this here TTC journey - but let's not get ahead of ourselves here, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 20-something newlywed living in the DC Area & working in contracts for the federal government. MY DH - Mr. Worry Bud (WB) is also a 20-something & we are soo in love!

Mr. WB & I met thru a mutual friend in college back in November 2002...we quickly became an item in December 2002 & are about to celebrate 7 years as a couple soon! After getting a dog together, buying a house, joining our bank accounts, etc. we
finally got married this past March - the day was a long time coming & all that we ever hoped for!

We always knew we wanted little ones, but were MAJOR flip-floppers on when we wanted to start TTC...first it was a year after tying the knot, then 6 months, then immediately & eventually we settled on 4 months - July 2009. Well we didn't really settle on it, one day I came home (after getting yet another notification from one of my friends that she was KU - we are all at THAT age) & I told Mr. WB that I didn't want to wait any longer...I wanted a baby & I wanted to get started right away. Much to my surprise...he agreed & after 12 years on & off (mostly on) the pill, I took my last BCP on my nephew's 1st bday - June 27th! Buh bye BCPs, woot!

Being the big time planner that I am I started reading up on the best methods to get KTFU quick. To that end, I discovered a message board (on a website where I was already active on other message boards) all about getting pregnant! The ladies on the site were so knowledgeable & they all suggested that I start charting (to detect O & to best time intercourse for baby making!) & reading TCOYF. Well I did start charting & received my 1st set of CHs indicating O on FF (chart link in my profile on the top right column)...I was sooo excited! Well, 8 days later I started spotting so I figured there were 2 options, either A) I was pg & this was implantation spotting, or B) AF was about to show. Well this is where it gets all mucked up - she never did truly show...the spotting only lasted a few days &
(TMI sorry) got progressively lighter - never dark & never red - more of a pinkish brown & I never needed a pad/tampon. By this time I was majorly stressing...I had taken 3 HPTs - all BFNs & still no "true" AF had showed. I called my Dr. and the nurse said to wait it out 60 days to see if she shows by then & if not then I can come in and get an Rx for Provera to get AF started back up again.

I have been off the pill before for various reasons & my cycles have always gone back to normal right away - give or take a week, but this is insane! Moral of the story - BCPs are the DEVIL - they totally messed up my cycles...I will never, ever take one
ever again...and even after we have a baby I will use the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) taught in TCOYF to TTA when necessary.


Well D-Day (60 days) is right around the corner now and I have decided that if AF doesn't show & I don't get a BFP by August 31st that I will be calling to get in and see the Dr. I don't want to take a drug to start my period back up, but I also don't pro-long this journey anymore than necessary & my mom told me that she has had to take Provera before & after getting her period from Provera, her cycles went back to normal...and she conceived my little brother & sister after that!! For all those TTC & just starting out just know that I understand & feel your pain - we have all these worst-case scenario thoughts racing thru our minds all the time: What's wrong with me/my body? Am I or will I ever O? Will I be able to have a baby? What if I'm not..what then? If we have to use alternative methods to conceive what will my insurance cover? How much will it all cost? Will my husband still love me if I can't give him a child? But I have been praying for patience and faith that we will have a child one day soon & it has really calmed my heart.

So, that's me in a nutshell & I probably shouldn't be worrying about all this stuff so early in the game, but I'm such a planner/worrier (hence my name) that I can't help but think of all these things. I have
never been so anxious to actually get my period, but at this point I just want it to come so I can move on to cycle 2/3 (still debating w/ myself as to whether CD 28-31 spotting was actually AF)?? Hoping (as I'm sure we all are) that my journey is not a long one & putting faith in God that He will make it happen for our family!!



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