August 21, 2009

TTA for Just a Little While

Hi, I'm Sugar Bud and I am from Alabama. I am 25 and Mr. Sugar Bud is 29, almost 30. We have been a couple since March 20, 2007 and got married on May 2nd of this year.

At the moment we are just trying to avoid and wait until October 2009 to begin TTC. However, there is a story to all of that.

Ok, so, when we first got engaged and started planning our lives together, we said that we would start trying to have a baby immediately after we got married. Of course, that all changed once the vows were said and the rings were on. Mr. Sugar Bud decided that we should wait a while and start saving money, get ready to buy a house and think about our future as a married couple instead of new parents. I will tell you that this was not something that I wanted to hear nor did I agree with. So what he wanted to do was to wait until we owned a house and we are stable; whereas, I wanted a baby NOW and buying a house would come with that. Like every married couple, this meant that we would have to come to some sort of compromise, and WE DID!!!

Here is how the compromise went - we would start looking for a house in August and close on one by November (got to get that first time home buyers credit, of course). Once we did that, then we would start TTC in December. I was ok with this at first, but as time went on, I was not happy. So, about mid-July, we agreed that we would let my birth control prescription run in October and that this is when we would try. So, I am on my last cycle of BCP and we will TTA for two months, then we start seriously TTC in October. I am on prenatal vitamins and a DHA supplement and Mr. Sugar Bud is watching what he eats, how much he drinks and starting to exercise regularly.

Although, Mr. Sugar Bud seems to still have some apprehension about the whole TTC thing, but I think he is starting to warm up to it. Just the other day, he bought me the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility without me even asking. Instead, I was talking about the book and how the girls on The GP Nest board say that I should read it and then he immediately looked it up and ordered it for me.

So, goodbye Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, hello Natural Family Planning!


Domestic Princess said...

Isn't TCOYF a great book? I read little chapters every night and kinda skip around. Some times I just look at the pregnancy charts for fun! =) GL

SugarBud said...

Yeah, I started reading it last night and was so intrigued by what docs. think of FAM.

Thanks for reading!


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