August 24, 2009

Dating Our Pregnancy

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! I wrote my first post shortly after my BFP and some time (and 3 doctor’s appointments) have past so hopefully this will catch some things up!

So, after the 5 home
pregnancy tests, I was pretty sure that I was positively pregnant. What I wasn't sure of is when it happened.

So I head to my first doctor’s appointment to pee in a cup... they can't get me in with my regular doctor so I see the next best thing, a nurse practitioner. This irritates me but it is what it is
and I figure she can give me the answers I need.
PIAC = Pee in a Cup

She confirms from my "sample" that it's positive however I'll have to come back to meet with my regular doctor and have an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. UGH... ok.

Another week later, I drag Mr. Glow Bud to what I think is going to be our ultrasound. Turns out it's a consultation with DR. C, my regular doctor, to make sure we're on the same page:
  • Are you taking Pre-Natal Vitamins? Yup
  • Don't change the cat litter box. She does her business outside
  • Make sure to stop drinking alcohol. Its ok I pounded my last vodka tonic right after I saw the 1st set of pink lines (totally kidding!!)
  • Limit your intake of deli lunch meats. Lunch meat? Ok...???
  • Are ever around 2nd hand smoke? Mr. Glow Bud gets a lecture and says he'll quit before the baby comes.
  • Don't jump on trampolines. Check
This list went on as I watch Mr. Glow Bud slump further in his chair. She then says she'll schedule us for the ultrasound... wait what? That's today? Dr. C tells us they don't do them in the office and that we’ll have to go to their downtown office for that. Ugh... pregnancy really is all about waiting isn't it?

They got me in 3 days later and I was told to make sure I have a full bladder before I go in. So, three days later at 6:45am I down my recommended 20 oz of water and 30 minutes later I get to drink 10 oz more. We get to the office to check in and by that time I think I might wet myself.
This was me in the waiting room!

I literally ask Mr. Glow Bud if he thought I'd be ok if I just "went a little"... he said probably not. So, the nurse finally calls us in: "So you are here to date your pregnancy?" Hmmm... Yes, I knew it was going to be a long 9 months but I get to feel like I'm in a full blow relationship with it too?

Anyway I get to strip down and lay on the table. She first tries to do the ultrasound with the goo on the outside of my belly (I don't know the terms yet!?). Anyway she doesn't see much, and doesn't SAY much for that matter. So I get kind of nervous that it's all a figment of my imagination and that she won't find anything. She says that I can go pee now but she's going to have to do it vaginally. I get relief in the fact that I finally get to pee but... vaginally? Joy.
You want this where?

So anyway up it goes... but the second the screen blips on we both see the heartbeat. AHHH relief, I'm not imagining it, it's real! She measures and points and explains what she's seeing... to me it looks like a little gummy bear, or a blob depending on which way she tweaks the deal down below. Then she turns on the sound and it almost sounds like a little train tugging away... ba boom ba boom ba boom... 160 beats a minute if I can remember right. She tells us this is good.

Meet Baby Glow Bud!

Not the greatest of pictures but it’s our little gummy bear! She dates it at 7 weeks 3 days** and we can’t be more excited!

**Disclaimer: This blog was a recap of our appointment that was about 2 weeks ago. Baby Glow Bud is now 9 weeks!!!**



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