June 2, 2012

Sorry guys...again :o)

Sorry for being MIA (again).  We've been working extra hard to get the house finished...and still aren't as close as I wish we were.  Don't get me wrong, we're making great progress but with Mr. CB working 2 jobs it's a little tough.  Luckily we're in the painting stage so I can help with a lot more than I could in the construction stage.  I must say though: I am getting extremely frustrated.  This project has been ongoing for over a year...and we haven't even begun on the nursery!  I know what we still have some time, but I don't like scrambling at the last minute.

How far along: Today I am 29 weeks, 3 days.  I'm so glad that Dive found this template because I plan on copying her and Lucky but using it.  ;o)  This week, Parker is approximately 15.5in long, weighs about 2.75lbs and is about the size of an acorn squash.  He's growing fat deposits under his skin and his energy level has increased because of this.

Total weight change: I'm ashamed to say 34 pounds by the doc's scale.  I don't like it, but I haven't been eating like I have no sense either.  I've always had a sluggish metabolism and weight gain has always been a struggle for me.  So I'm trying to eat even more fruits and salads than I already was.  I'm not extremely worried about getting the weight off since I've done it before.

Maternity clothes: Every dag-gone day.  One of the girls' moms at work made me some maternity scrubs so that's nice.  I had wanted to try it myself but I have no idea where my sewing machine is in all this crap.  Unfortunately I don't have any "comfy" clothes that I can do this house stuff in, so I've been wearing Mr. CB's athletic pants and undershirts.  Needless to say, they don't fit the greatest and my belly hangs out the bottom of the shirt when I raise my arms.  (Not cool since his dad and brother are over here a lot to help...we haven't had the best relationship in the past).

Stretch Marks: Well since I was overweight pretty much until the age of 23, yes I have stretch marks in the "normal" places: on my hips, breasts and some on my inner thighs and arms.  Nothing since the pregnancy though...thinking the loose skin has helped that situation and I've been using lotions, etc as well.

Movement: Parker is moving really well now...especially in the last week or so.  I used to only really feel him when I was reclined in bed (not lying flat, of course).  Now I feel him nearly all the time.  The girls at work love feeling him move as well.  I try to get Mr. CB to feel him as often as I can when he's at home so he doesn't miss it.

Sleep: Welllllll...sleep is kind of iffy for me right now.  I hate to say it, but I sleep the best when Mr. CB is working (one of his jobs is 3rd shift...we're hoping to get the house re-financed soon so he can quit).  We have a queen (I plan on getting a king ASAP) so it gets a little crowded with me, Parker, all my pillows and Mr. CB.  Speaking of pillows...DIVA: I feel ya girl on the Boppy!!!  I've had mine maybe 2 months or so.  Absolutely AWESOME!  :o)

Best Moment This Past Week: I felt Parker having the hiccups for the first time last weekend.  It was wonderful and I couldn't stop smiling and holding my hand to my tummy to feel him.

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: Being "counseled" on my weight gain at the OB's this past Tuesday.  I seriously don't like being reprimanded.  :o/

Belly Button In or Out: Oh it's still an inny.  It looks funny though...like a frowny-face.  I wish I could explain it...and I wish I had the courage to post a pic.

Cravings/Aversions: Hmmm.  I was craving a McDonald's sausage-egg-and-cheese biscuit last weekend.  I did indulge myself and get one...okay 2 (Saturday and Sunday).  Other than that...nope.

Symptoms: None really.  The 3rd trimester fatigue hasn't set in yet.  I do have some swelling in my feet and ankles...really not cute.  I've been trying to keep them elevated but it's been tough with the house.


Diva Bud said...

Curly, thanks to Cactus Bud (former bud) for this template! It is a lifesaver in these crazy maternity weeks :)

So glad to see things are going well. I am in the same boat as you when it comes to the weight gain. I haven't gained much, yet, which I am happy about... but we'll see when I get on the scale tomorrow! My Doctor hasn't said anything about it, whereas I believe my old doctor would scrutinize every pound! She thought it would be irresponsible to seek out pregnancy being overweight... whatever! I am, luckily, having a very good pregnancy, and our LO is very healthy, despite my starting weight.

I hope things continue to progress well with your home, and that you can get everything in order :)


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