June 4, 2012

Blood Work Check

I went in today for my Hormone level check to see if they have dropped down low enough from my Bioidentical Hormone Treatments to start IVF next month. If so I will start back on BCP's and probably start injections sometime in July. If not we will just wait another month and retest the hormone levels. Mr. EB and I just got back from a week in Hawaii relaxing and enjoying doing nothing. A great way to relax before IVF!! Oh I have been doing the Ovulation tests and so far I have a faint line on all of them but nowhere near as dark as the base line is. We are on day 18 so I am going to stop testing when I run out of test strips.


Diva Bud said...

Hawaii... nice!!! I am sure you had an amazing time :)

I had NO luck with OPKs... my "helper" was the CBEFM, which was amazing! Loved it :)

I hope things with your blood work come back where you need them :)

Explorer Bud said...

Thanks, I do as well, I will be calling the Dr.s office tomorrow to see what the results were.


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