April 13, 2012

First Acupuncture Consult

I have done some research of Acupuncturist in the area and of course the County I live there are few to choose from. There seems to be a couple Chiropractor's that do acupuncture but I may try them if I don't like the sole acupuncturists that I have contacted. I did speak to one lady but she is about 40 minutes away the majority of her practice is dealing with infertility but to drive up there after work in traffic wouldn't be the most relaxing thing or practical in my mind. Anyways, so today is my first appointment with a man here in the town of my IVF Dr. He has a super thick Asian accent so I am hoping we can understand one another better in person than over the phone. I have found a few online reviews of women that have gone to him for fertility issues but not in conjunction with IVF. There is another that is probably 20 minutes away that another fertility clinic recommends so I have an appointment with him next week. Hopefully, after talking with them I will have a better idea if Acupuncture is something I want to pursue or not.


Diva Bud said...

Good luck!!! Hopefully this will help :) I have a feeling it will!

Buckeye Bud said...

I tried out accupuncture last summer and thought it was very cool. I was told that I had a "hormone problem." This was prior to me finding out about PCOS. WOW!!

The needles dont hurt they just feel funny. The ones between the toes feel funny. Where there is a lot of "stagnated blood" the needles seem to hurt a bit more. Most of my stagnation was in my lower abdomen. A couple of days after my 2 Accupuncture appointments, I started bleeding and found out about my tubal pregnancy.

I really feel like the accupuncture started to move all that bad stuff out. It was either very ironic or it really freaking worked.

I have faith it will work for you!! Please keep us updated! Ive considered going back to mine....it can just get pricey :) Oh, and a tip for you.....make sure you scratch ALL of your itches before they begin ;)

Explorer Bud said...

I had to laugh at the tip to scratch all your itches because as soon as they were in my stomach I wanted to itch!! I am hoping that it will be something we will like or feel is helpful. Thank you for your thoughts and positive vibes!!

Bossy Bud said...

I've always been interested in acupuncture! Please keep us updated on how your appointments go. :)


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