March 1, 2012

Second Trimester Recap

Well, I have one more day in my second trimester, so what better time than the present to give everyone a recap?

My second trimester started out uneventful (besides the pukes that seemed to linger longer than they should have), but has proven to be quite the spectacle.

But I'm going to start things off on a positive note. Here are the things I loved about my second trimester:

1. Being able to eat like a normal human again
2. Actually looking pregnant and not just like I gained some more fluff
3. Not wanting to choke someone because they burnt something in the toaster in our break room
4. I'll be honest here - the attention I got from everyone when I "came out"
5. Finding out I'm having a boy!
6. Feeling the little Dude's kicks for the first time
7. My doctor
8. Hearing the baby's heartbeat on the doppler for the first time

But second tri did not come without problems. Listed below are my issues:

1. High blood pressure. I'm pretty sure this started even before I went to a regular OB. Ever since 12 weeks, I have been about 140/70. Won't go up, won't go down. Minor swelling and no protein in the pee, but now I have to start taking my blood pressure from home two times a day and reporting back to my doctors office. I'm also scheduled for sonograms every six weeks to make sure he is growing correctly. Funny thing? I was always a 120/80 kind of gal. Everything about this pregnancy is stressing me out. Oh, the best part? The 24 urine test I had to do at 16 weeks. It was like pissing in a gasoline container all day.
2. Stretch marks. Seriously? I'm a frickin road map.
3. Fat legs and arms. Hi - why didn't anyone ever tell me that you gain weight EVERYWHERE not just your belly??? On the positive side - I do like my bigger ass.
4. Failing my one hour glucose test. Going back on Wednesday for the 3 hour. Hopefully I pass.

I'll keep everyone update on the blood pressure and glucose issues - cross your fingers and toes for me. See you in the third trimester!


Explorer Bud said...

That is great you are able to feel your little guy kicking!!


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