March 1, 2012

So far so good...

Things have been a bit busy lately. Nothing major to report, except that things seem to be progressing normally.

I am currently 6 weeks exactly, as far as my O date is concerned. My boobies have been KILLING me on a daily basis, so I guess that's good... but best of all...


I am so excited! I have been super excited since making the appointment last week :) I am a litt
le nervous about how things will go, but I am sure everything will be fine... I am staying very positive.

I have been trying to eat well, and for the most part have, so that's a good thing. I just know that I am going to get crap from my Mom this ENTIRE pregnancy! She has ALWAYS been obsessed with my weight (obsessed is an understatement), and since this PCOS business has made me pack on a bit more than I (or anyone) would like, she has been on my case even more. The only bad thing about this is that she starts to stress me out. She ALWAYS (not just now that I am pregnant) interrogates me about what I ate for dinner or lunch, and then gives me crap about it. I had a crazy day yesterday, filled with rehearsals and such (I am doing a show this weekend) so I picked up some McDonald's for Mr. DBud and I. I had a grilled chicken sandwich. She gave me crap for that. I guess I just have to learn to ignore it, and do my best. Other than the fact that I am overweight, I am super healthy - good cholesterol, good sugar, etc. I would like to gain as little as possible, if even anything at all, during this pregnancy. Because of my pre-pregnancy weight, I actually don't have to gain. Eating better (choices) and the same amount of calories or even a little less should be fine. I've actually been stocking up on fruit, veggies, and walnuts (which are said to be great for the Brain). I have been drinking milk, and having cereal. I have also been cooking at home as much as I can. I know my Mom only does it cause she worries about me... but she doesn't realize that she stresses me out in a bad way, even when she doesn't mean to.

Anyway, let's see what the Dr. says about my weight and varicose veins (I have had them since I was like 12 - runs in the family). I also hope that we can see our little Frijol! Or at least hear a heartbeat... after what we went through last year, I know it will be a HUGE relief to know the heart is beating. Even though I am staying EXTREMELY positive... I am still cautiously optimistic. I guess that's the normal way to be after a MC.

As far as other symptoms... Peeing (a lot) even when I haven't had much to drink, tired/sleepy especially in the afternoons, sore boobies, and a little bloating.

Hope to have a great update after seeing the Dr :) Keep us in your T&P!



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