March 2, 2012

A little update

Just a little update on my Appointment yesterday, as well as something I forgot to mention in the last post...

So, I went to see the Doc yesterday after work. From the moment I arrived, I must say I was impressed. He has a beautiful building which houses his practice, as well as another area he rents out (smart guy). When I arrived inside, I walked into a beautifully decorated but relatively empty waiting room. Besides Mr. DBud and I, there was only one other patient waiting. I started by filling out the required paperwork, and paying my copayment. Within a few minutes, we were called in to get started. Since it was my first time with this Doc, this 1st appointment was mostly a consultation. They took my blood pressure and weight, and I was ushered in another room to await the Doc. He was great! Super sweet guy :) He asked me a few questions, and prescribed me some prenatals (PreQue10). He also gave me a two week sample to start trying out. He ordered some blood work to check my levels, and wanted to see me back in about a week. By then, we should be able to see a little something, and hear a heartbeat <3 My next appointment will take place on 3/13. Hopefully they'll call me back and let me know how the blood work turned out :) In the meantime... We wait!

Anyway, I wanted to mention another strange symptom... The other day, I washed my hair. By the next day, it was oily. This is NOT like my hair at all, since my hair is naturally curly and, therefore, dry. I normally wash it every 4 days or so without it getting gross. This was too weird. I washed it last night, and so far it is not greasy. I wonder if that was just a strange week 5 thing? Oh well...

Until next time :)

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Explorer Bud said...

What an awesome first appointment to have!!! Hopefully the blood work is great and you get to hear back soon so you can relax some more. You should talk to your mom about how she expresses her concerns with your eating is causing you more stress than help and suggest another way she can help you out that would be less stressful. It may have no effect but at least she will know what she is doing. Mom's just love to help and sometimes in the wrong way!! I am sure we will be the same when our future children are grown!


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