March 21, 2012

19 weeks

Before I get into how everything is going, I just want to tell everyone that we found out on Monday that we're having a BOY!! =oD Mr. CB and I couldn't be happier. You ladies know...with our histories gender doesn't matter in the least; just a healthy baby. Anyway, everything looked good according to both the US tech and my OB. Lil Man weighs 11oz and apparently was feeling happy that morning because he was waving, stretching and being fairly cooperative with the tech. He even had the hiccups a little! I can't wait until we starting picking out names and working on the nursery.

Other than that wonderful news, everything has been going well. Not having any nausea and my sleep has been pretty much nil. I bought a body pillow last weekend because surrounding myself with normal pillows was cutting it. The pillow is super comfortable but I'm a little too tall for it because the middle doesn't line up with by belly right (I'm 5'8") but I'm surviving. I do notice that my ankles are swelling a little bit but I have been on my feet a lot this week with work with our new medical records system. My hair is growing very quickly, and coming out more when I comb it (only in the shower when it's wet because it's so curly) and my acne has gotten better except on the 4 week increments when I would normally be on my period.

I'm feeling Lil Man move around a little more in there, but I'll admit to wanting to be far enough along so that I can feel every movement and have family/friends be able to feel him move as well. I've never been very patient, but I have no choice in this matter.

I know I haven't posted any pictures of myself (ever, I think) and I need to post a pic from the ultrasound, but unfortunately that may have to wait a little bit. We're going to New Jersey tomorrow for my brother's graduation from Coast Guard boot camp. So I'll try to get on here to do that this weekend or early next week.

Talk to you guys next time and thinking about all of you!



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