March 21, 2012

29 weeks

This week I am 29 weeks pregnant. Still feeling great. No complaints at all. No stretch marks, swelling, heart burn, acne, nausea, sleeping problems... everything is going so well. I am so grateful because I had such a rough first trimester so each day that I feel good feels like such a blessing.

I don't think that I mentioned before that my placenta is attached in the front, so I don't feel our baby kicking as much as someone would with a posterior placenta. Shee has an extra 2 inches to kick through for me to feel her. I can still feel movement though, and I can feel her kicks and punches when they are lower down, or up high.

At 29 weeks, our baby weighs about 2.5 lbs and is 15 inches long. Her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and her head is growing to make room for her developing brain.

I now will have my midwife apt every 2 weeks instead of every month which is kinda exciting because it helps to make the time seem like it is going by faster. I need to do my glucose test this week sometime before I midwife apt next week.



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