January 19, 2012

20 Weeks

Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound. Mr Lucky Bud came with me and we dropped off the kids at his sisters house. I was pretty anxious, nervous and excited to be able to have the ultrasound. It was a bummer that the technician would not turn the screen until all of her measurements were done. I had to wait for about a half hour of Mr Lucky Bud saying, "oh, that is so awesome!" before I got to see what was going on too. She was moving around like crazy. I could even see her mouth opening and closing, and it looked like she was swallowing. The technical said that it looks like our baby is 11 ounces. We should get the results of the ultrasound tomorrow, so hopefully there will be nothing to report.

I can't believe I am halfway through my pregnancy all ready! Before 20 weeks, the baby is measured from head to rump, but after 20 weeks it is head to heel..so at 20 weeks it is 10 inches long, head to heel. I was holding up a ruler to show Mr. Lucky Bud today, and I can't believe how big she is!

 I had been doing great week 19 symptom wise, but was also very careful that week about eating enough and getting lots of protein. I got kind of caught up with some projects early on in the week and did not take as much care and did not get enough protein, and I went back to feeling awful. I have been working hard to focus again on my diet, but it is still taking some time to feel good again. I am showing a little more than I was a couple weeks ago, and have gained more weight, so I am a total of 10 lbs over what I normally am and that is great!

 I can feel the baby moving all the time now. Especially because during the ultrasound I was able to see when she was moving and to associate it to how it felt, so now I can tell the difference a lot better between kicks and my stomach growling, or air bubbles. She moves so much now, but it is not uncomfortable because there is plenty of space in their. If she keeps up all the action though, it is going to be hard to sleep at night as she gets bigger and there is less space!

Over all, this is a very fun and exciting time. I am feeling pretty good, I am not big and uncomfortable yet, I have had the great reassurance of getting to see my baby on the ultrasound, we know that it is a girl, we are meeting the donors this weekend, so things are great right now!

...still hoping to have an ultrasound pic up soon. I need to have it scanned at Mr Lucky Buds work.
20 Weeks

BTW, Just an interesting fact: My mom did not realize that she was pregnant with her 6th and final child until she was 20 weeks and could feel that baby moving. That is crazy! She is lucky though. It must have been a fast pregnancy!


Explorer Bud said...

Glad to hear that you are doing better!! It can be hard to stay focused on your diet when you get busy!!


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