January 20, 2012

Hormones Are Great


I can't say enough about how great I am feeling the past two days. The first day after getting the pellets in I felt super weird, my equilibrium felt off and was a bit nauseous. Thursday morning, I woke up before my alarm at 6:00 am and was ready to go for the day. I didn't have the usual tiredness starting around 2 in the afternoon and wasn't starving during that time either. Last night I was actually alert and not fighting falling asleep by 10 pm while hanging out with some friends, usually I am nodding off while people are talking to me!! With going to bed around midnight I was still awake and energized getting up at 6:00 am again. I packed Mr. Explorer Bud and I's suitcase for our little weekend trip down to visit his Grandpa, got ready for the day, actually remembered to bring stuff to work and was off to work on time. Maybe it is the placebo effect but I am loving it either way.


Buckeye Bud said...

I'm so glad to read you are feeling better! Everything you talk about sounds just like me! So You have inspired me! I go to my regular FP this week for my annual physical. I'm gonna use that as a free pass to see if she can check all of my hormones. I took note of everything you had tested and Im gonna walk in there with that paper in hand! I have an RE but I will see how far I can get with my FP first:)
Keep us posted on how those hormones are going!

Explorer Bud said...

I hope you get some answers as to what is the problem and I hope you are able to start feeling better too!! It is such a relief to have energy again!!


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