January 18, 2012


Well, here I am on CD14 and I have yet to get a positive OPK. All cycles prior to this over the past year I would have gotten a positive by now. My suspicions are that the leaking sewer gas we discovered in our house might have something to do with it. You can see on CD7 how elevated my temperature was. That was the day I felt the worst effects. Severe headache, dizziness, and fatigue.

My temps finally went back down after it was fixed and I am feeling so much better. I really hope I Ovulate soon. I did have a bit of Creamy CM on CD12 which usually comes before I O. But I have no evidence it happened or that it will happen in the next 48 hours :(


Explorer Bud said...

So frustrating!!! Crazy how things get in our way of just having a normal cycle!! Keeping my fingers crossed you will ovulate still this cycle.

Buckeye Bud said...

Thanks girl! If TTC doesn't put me in the nut house IDK what else will!!


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