December 17, 2011

Nausea, cramping and irritability oh my!

Here is my FF chart thus far:

My temps are staying up which makes me feel better. And my progesterone increased by 4 points in a 48hour period from beginning the suppositories. So that makes me feel better. I did get my beta checked again yesterday (YAY for working in a building with a lab!) and it was 23,223...nearly double from the 12,109 two days prior. I needed something to give me hope to last through this weekend. I'm super nervous about the US on Monday...I haven't heard a heartbeat yet.

The first trimester symptoms are hitting me pretty hard this time around. Because of the progesterone suppositories? I've not had such strong symptoms with the first two pregnancies. I'm not sweating it though. You ladies know...we'll be nauseated, on bed rest with our feet up for the entire 9 months if we have to! =o) But I must say that the 18 hour-a-day nausea is not fun! And the fatigue. And the tender breasts. And the irritability (poor Mr. Curly!). And the gas/bloating. Not so upset about the decreased appetite. ;o)

Love and luck to you all! xoxo


Bossy Bud said...

So glad to hear your beta levels are rising and your progesterone has gone up too! You are in my prayers, Curly!

Scott and Holly said...
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Lucky Bud said...

I am so glad that your levels are looking good. I am sorry that you are nauseated...that is not fun at all. Hopefully that part will not last too long :).

Explorer Bud said...

It sounds like these strong symptoms and your numbers are all a great sign that this one is here to stay. Congrats that is very exciting!!


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