December 17, 2011

Hip, Hip Hooray for Christmas Vacation!

It's official! I have the next two weeks off! Being a teacher definitely has its perks.

Although I'm looking forward to sleeping in every single day, I am going to miss my weekday routine. Teaching my lil' rugrats has helped keep my mind off of things.

Great news! I have an appointment with my RE on January 4th to discuss the next steps and our FET. I'm super excited and (almost) counting down the days until then. I told Mr. Bossy earlier today that I think I'll start feeling MUCH better when I know the plan. Then, I'll be able to feel like we're back on track.

Until then, I plan to keep as busy as possible with Christmas shopping (I still have a ton to do!) and quilting. Both of our families are local, so we'll be spending lots of time with them next weekend. One of my favorite traditions that my family has is watching Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation every Christmas Eve. Mr. Bossy, my brother, and I can practically quote the entire movie. We always find it hilarious how my dad can never stay awake through the entire movie!!

Hoping all of my Bud sisters have a VERY Merry Christmas and 2012 brings you much happiness!




Explorer Bud said...

During vacation times is when I wish I was a teacher so I would be off work too!!


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