December 6, 2011

(im)patiently waiting...

I should get a t-shirt that says, "leave me alone, I'm in my 2WW". Seriously :-/

I am currently 11DPO, on CD33, and going mad... I much rather be left alone to obsess over other charts, and obsess over my symptoms, and to just... I don't know... THINK!

Here is what my chart did today...

Still up there, but I don't even know if this means anything. I have been obsessing over the chart galleries on FF, and so far things look good... But I won't know for sure until a few more days when I am later in my 2WW, and even beyond it.

My cycle before the MC was 35 days, which means AF would be due in 2 days.. But since then it has been so whacko that I have no idea what to expect. I will definitely wait a couple or days (again) before POAS. I only have 2 CBED tests left, and don't want to "waste" them.

Now, to wait until tomorrow's temp :-/

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