December 7, 2011

Egg Retrieval

Yesterday was the Egg Retrieval at 8am. I was glad our time got moved up on Tuesday so I didn't have to wait around for the procedure. Mr. Explorer Bud got up and got to work with his sperm sample while I got ready for the procedure and took care of the dog. We hopped in the car right on time and zipped down to the Dr.'s office. The Dr. did an ultrasound to make sure that I hadn't ovulated yet and that everything looked good for the procedure. Then my nurse came in and took my vitals and asked me a bunch of questions about what I am allergic to and other health issues that may pose a problem being put under. I was then taken to the back room which was way more high tech looking than in Panama. In Panama it was the anesthesiologist, the Dr. and the Embryologist on a normal looking exam table. Here it was a bit intimidating the huge leg stirrups and arm pads where they tied my arms to (after I was out cold). I had my own nurse, the Dr., the Dr.'s nurse, the anesthesiologist and the embryologist.

I don't even remember getting the medicine to knock me out in the IV I just remember laying there and then waking up in the next room. So weird but I am very glad I get knocked out for the procedure. I have read that some Dr.'s don't put you under and how very uncomfortable it is, which with how sore my ovaries are right now it would be unpleasant!

We were able to get 15 eggs retrieved, 15!! Everyone was really surprised that there were that many in there. So we get to wait and see how many will fertilize and when our transfer date is.

I feel soo blessed that this cycle went from thinking about cancelling it due to poor response to 15 eggs retrieved. There has been some definite miracles and blessings here throughout this cycle. I am also amazed at the technology that we have to be able to conceive a child when otherwise there would be very little chance of us having a child of our own without adoption.


Diva Bud said...

Woohoo!!!!!! Congrats :) I hope things continue to go well, and that a humongous BFP is in your new future :) :) :)

Curly Bud said...

FIFTEEN?!?! Wow Explorer, that's fantastic! I am so excited for you and Mr. EBud. Best wishes and prayers your way!

Explorer Bud said...

Thanks to both of you, I am pretty excited as well and hoping my luck will continue to a viable pregnancy!


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