December 7, 2011

Still in the game... But how much longer? :-/

This morning, my BBT dropped a little more... And it's not making me too happy.

I haven't slept much the last two nights, so I don't know if I should blame the drop on the lack of sleep or on this cycles impending doom... Hopefully it's related to the latter :-/ I read that lack of sleep can make your BBT drop, and I did only sleep about 5hrs or less last night and the night before. Thankfully, tonight I'll be able to get some sleep.

I felt as if my breasts were a bit sore today, and they actually looked particularly huge this evening... I haven't had much cramping or anything else, so now it's just a waiting game.

I may test again tomorrow morning, using my 2nd to last CBED test. Let's hope it's good news :) I really hope that I get a BFP this weekend... Especially since lately there's baby talk, and women getting pregnant all around me. I just found out that a co-worker of mine is KU. Hopefully it'll be my turn soon. Mr. DBud is hopeful, so I guess I will be too :)

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Curly Bud said...

Don't worry, Diva. I'm sure your temp will start rising again after you start getting some good "shut-eye." You said that Mr. DB is hopeful and you're should be too! I know I am for you both! Here's sending some good "sticky" vibes to you! ;o)

Diva Bud said...

Thanks! We'll see what tomorrow's temp is... I am staying positive, which is what I do best!!! ;) for now, that's all I can do.

Explorer Bud said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that the dropping temps is due to lack of sleep!! It makes me anxious about not being KU when everyone else around me is announcing pregnancies too!! You just want to sock someone!! Keep up those positive thoughts it could be nothing to worry about!

Diva Bud said...

Thanks, Explorer! It's so good to have other women who understand my woes :)


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