December 22, 2011

Baby Lucky Bud's Adoption Story Part 1

Well it is almost Christmas Eve, so it is the perfect time to tell you about the birth of our second child, Baby Lucky Bud!

When Little Lucky Bud was about a year and a half old, our family made plans and traveled to Costa Rica and Panama for IVF. I had felt in my heart that we were meant to adopt again at some point in our lives, but some of the difficulties we had faced during our adoption were just a little to fresh still, and we decided to try fertility at that time.

Before we left for Costa Rica, through a series of events, our hearts started opening a little more to the thought of going through the adoption process sooner, and when our IVF failed, we were 100% prepared to adopt again. I actually started the whole process of the homestudy paperwork before we went to Costa Rica, and I just had a few things to complete in order to be approved for adoption and to get our profile up.

Our adoption profile went up(on an online website we used for Little Lucky Buds adoption) in August. We were contacted by Baby Lucky Buds birthmother for the first time on December 8th. I had actually already started considering embryo adoption, and had an apt set up in Tennesee for December 9th. Baby Lucky Buds Birth Mother, "Alicia" (name changed for privacy) contacted us the day before we left on our trip! We were emailing back and forth a few times in the days that we were out of town, but then I didn't hear from her for five days. I did receive a brief email that her internet had been out, and then again didn't hear from her for another five days. She said that she was busy and that we should meet after Christmas.

Baby Lucky Bud was due January 18th by the way. In our emails, we had only just started to get to know each other a little bit, but did not discuss adoption much, so I was not really sure where she stood. On December 22nd I woke up to an email from Alicia with her sincere desires for her baby to have everything she could not offer him at this time, and of her confidence in her adoption plan. She spoke of a few other things, and then asked some specific questions regarding how the actual process of the adoption would work.

 I should mention that if you go through an agency, typically you are not in direct contact with a birthparent like this, and that all of these questions would be answered by a social worker, but since Alicia found us through the online profile listing, we had direct contact with each other.

Alicia asked me questions like, would you and Mr. Lucky Bud be there for my labor? When would you officially have my baby? Who would get to name him? I answered all of these questions in an email and then went to sleep.

The next day we had a renewed hope that we might be blessed with a second child.  That night we went to Mr Lucky Buds Sisters house for a Christmas dinner, and then Mr Lucky Bud and I stayed up late that night talking. At 2:30 in the morning I was startled awake by my cell phone ringing. I sprang up and said loudly, "ALICIA!" This startled Mr Lucky Bud awake also, and I answered the phone.

It was Alicia. She said that she was in labor in the hospital. I was thinking to myself, "What does this mean? Is she choosing us? Are we going to have a baby tonight?" I asked Alicia if she would like us to come to the hospital. She said, "I am all alone, so that would be nice!" The hospital was only 30 minutes away, and I think that we got there 35 minutes after she had called.

Stay posted for part two...



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