November 21, 2011

No OPK to report :-/

Unfortunately, I ran out of OPKs and didn't have enough time to get more yesterday...

I decided to temp last night, but that didn't do any good... So I temped again this morning, and entered that info into my period tracker app :) I guess I will have to try and temp simultaneously while using OPKs for a more accurate look into my fertility.

One thing is for sure, Mr. DBud and I spent the whole weekend doing the BD. At least that's in our favor ;)

Will this be our month?

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The Kloeppings said...

I've found OPK's and temping to be the most telling. Although it never hurts to BD like crazy anyways:) (had a girlfriend once tell me they used the "flood" least once a day for as long as it took to get her PG...worked for them. Although she's a self confessed super fertile)

Good luck:)

Diva Bud said...

We are going to try to BD as much as we can this month... If it doesn't work, then the Fertility Clinic is our next option :)


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